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Vaibhav Bakhshi

Architect  |  Designer  |  Explorer


Competition Entry Logo for 'Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation'
Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation​

/ 2013

/ Identity Design

Competition Entry for a Logo Design Competition hosted by Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. This entry was not selected as a winner, but it still was an enriching process for me as a designer, to be able to create something like this.

Art of Cooking

/ 2016

/ Identity Design

I designed the identity and promotional material for this fresh startup which specialises in providing catering and event management services for events of all sizes. They wanted their logo to include a 'wok', which is the best representation of 'live cooking' concept at which they are really awesome.

First Aid Bot

/ 2016

/ Identity Design, Web Design

I designed the identity and visual assets for this app named 'First Aid Bot' which is targetted towards providing quick assistance during a medical emergency

/ 2009

/ Academic Project, Industrial Design

As an academic exercise, I designed this tableware for a restaurant based on the theme 'Interactive'. This is an attempt to create tangible interactions into an otherwise mundane set of objects.

Accessory Design for a Theme Restaurant; 'Interactive Theme' based restaurant;
FICCI FLO Logo; FICCI Ladies Organisation; Women Of India Logo
Women of India

/ 2015

/ Identity Design

I designed this identity for 'Women of India' initiative by FICCI Ladies Organisation, which works towards empowerment of women with a rural and underprivileged background. This logo displays an emblem which is inspired from a blooming flower bud, which encapsulates the underlying philosophy behind the initiative, which enables the women to bloom to their full potential and uplift themselves.

/ 2009

/ Board Game, Academic Project

This game was designed as a part of a 2-week long academic exercise. This versatile and educational board game was well accepted amongst the target audience during test runs. I had immense fun while designing it and then playing it with the little ones (Gosh! They outsmarted me several times).

Lucknow Mango Festival, 2014, Habibullah Estate Lucknow
Lucknow Mango Festival

/ 2015

/ Branding Design, Conceptual

This logo concept was designed for an Annual Fest in the Mango Belt of India, where varieties of Mango, from across the country are brought in and enjoyed by the visitors. This is a one of its kind event dedicated to the Mangoes. Organised by Habibullah Estate, at Lucknow, this is a much-awaited event for the lovers of Mangoes.


E 3521, E Block, Rajaji Puram, Lucknow, India 226017

Email: | Tel: 9839 71 51 61

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